Your Friend Wrecked Your Car? Now What?

How Your Coverage Kicks In After A Friend’s Accident

You are a good friend! Consequently, when somebody needs a favor, you do your best to oblige. That means that when your friends need your car, you are probably inclined to hand over your keys. What happens, though, if your friends get into an accident behind the wheel of your car?

When you lend your car, you also lend your insurance policy since coverage travels with the vehicle in the state of California. That means that after your friend’s accident, your policy will be the primary one to kick in. Expect to have to pay your deductible before your car can be repaired.

If your insurance coverage caps out, your friend’s policy may be able to kick in to make up the difference.

All of this is assuming that your policy will offer protection. Before you lend your keys, give your insurance agent a call to ensure you have insurance coverage for drivers who are not listed on your policy.

Is your California coverage offering you—and your friends—the protection you need? To get the right car insurance policy to be fully safeguarded, contact Udell Family Insurance. Serving Westlake Village, our UFI team is here to help you get full protection.

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