Why Is Life Insurance More Important During a Recession?

Life Insurance is more important during a recession

Most people think of getting life insurance when things are great – the economy is booming, they have job security, they’re married, or maybe they are expecting a baby. It’s at this point that people start thinking about securing their family’s financial well-being in case the unexpected happens. This means that most people deem life insurance an unnecessary expense during periods of economic turmoil. However, this can be a costly misconception because the life insurance policy is a fantastic way of protecting your loved ones when the economy is booming or floundering. Read on to learn why your life insurance is even more important in a recession.

Life Insurance Provides Financial Security

If you, unfortunately, pass away, your life insurance policy can offer the financial security your loved ones need. This security is especially more important during tough times. Life insurance can cover your funeral costs, bills and debts, and even mortgage, all of which are expenses your family may struggle with during a recession. You should consider getting life insurance if you have people who rely on you financially like kids, a partner, or aging parents.


Life Insurance Can Secure Your Family’s Home

Whether you’re paying a mortgage or rent, your life insurance policy can enable members of your household to keep making these payments after you pass on. This is especially important if you’re the breadwinner or if your family won’t have sufficient income without multiple incomes. This protection is essential during an economic downturn when the household income may be unusually lower and some family members may struggle to find jobs.

Life Insurance Can Help Cover Your Debts

During a recession, you may lose your job, and you may be forced to rely on credit cards to pay for everyday expenses. This may cause you to accumulate a significant amount of debt, similar to many Americans. Your life insurance policy can cover your outstanding debts if you pass away. For instance, if you share your credit cards with a spouse or if your parents ever consigned your student loans, your life insurance policy can help cover those debts in case you die.

Life Insurance Can Cover the Gap in Case the Stock Market Plummets

In the last couple of months, the U.S. stock market has been highly volatile. Consequently, many people are worried about how this will impact the value of their retirement funds and investment portfolios. For many people, the volatility has upended the notion that the market will always rise.

In case your retirement funds and investment portfolios shrink due to a drop in the stock market, your life insurance can cover the resulting financial gap. In case you die, your dependents will receive a payout regardless of what’s going on with your retirement and investment accounts. Thanks to this protection, you’ll be more at peace even during market volatility.

Life Insurance Can Prepare You for Uncertainties

As the recent devastation wrought by coronavirus shows, life can be unpredictable. You can’t possibly anticipate how life will look six months from now, let alone a year or two. Will you still have a job? Will there be another round of lockdowns? Will the economy takes a downward turn?

How Udell Family Insurance Can Help

It’s virtually impossible to know what the future holds. Your life insurance can provide stability during uncertain times. If you need life insurance, contact us at Udell Family Insurance today.

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