What to Do on Black Friday (Besides Shopping)

What to Do on Black Friday (Besides Shopping)

Black Friday is associated with shopping in the very early morning for amazing deals, but do you have to be a part of that mess?

We have just eaten with our families past our tummy’s delight and have given thanks for everything we have as a family and as Americans; a very humbling experience for all us. It’s strange to think that in only a few hours, many of those same Americans who gave thanks for everything thing they had will be rampaging through stores like wild animals trying to acquire even more stuff. It is the most ironic and most American event that we may partake in. But if you are a family with honor and nobility, you may find the whole rampaging thing a bit too much. Here are a few fun things you can do on Black Friday, besides shopping.

  1. Volunteer Locally

If giving is what you enjoy, take the time to volunteer locally. A food shelter, a dog shelter, or anything you enjoy. A quick Google search in your area should give you plenty to choose from.

  1. Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

What better way to ring in the holiday season than by taking the family to a pine farm! Get yourself an ax and chop down the tree you like. (Just be sure to do some research on live pine tree maintenance.)

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