Low Budget Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer


The summer is in full swing now. While it’s tempting to switch on the air conditioner (AC) or sit in front of the fan, there are other ways to lower yourhome’s temperature. Use these tips to keep your house cool during summer.

Energy-Star Rated Cooling System

If you are buying a cooling system, select one that has an energy-star rating. If you already have an AC, call a professional and get it tuned up as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t Crank Up Your AC

It’s a myth that keeping the air conditioner temperature lower than usual will cool the house during summer. The reality is that it will make the unit work harder and use more energy.

Keep the Doors Closed

Even if you don’t run the AC in your room, keeping the door open will require more time to cool the room once the AC is turned on. One of the best tips to have a cooling effect is by closing the door so that you’re able to keep the cold air in a confined space.


You need insulation to have a cool house during summer. Attic insulation can hold cold air inside your home by keeping the hot air out. It is a convenient way to keep your house cool.

Drapes and Shades

While windows brighten up a room, it can also make it warm. To maintain a comfortable temperature, you can close the windows with some heavy blackout curtains. You can also use shade sails on the east, south, and west windows during the day.

These are some ways to keep your house cool during the summer. Looking for another way to keep your home and family protected this summer? Get the right insurance. Contact the experts at Udell Family Insurance. We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs.

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