Want To Run Faster? These Tips Can Help

Want To Run Faster? These Tips Can Help

Tips To Run Faster

Whether you have been running for years or just started last week, you know the triumphant feeling that beating your own personal record brings. How do you get more of that in your life? While consistent training is definitely key, there are a few others things you can do to get to the finish line more quickly.

If you want to run faster, these tips can help you pick up the pace.

  • Fuel Up: In the same way you cannot expect your car to be very fast without any gas in it, your body needs fuel to be speedy. Carbs and protein are the best options for fueling up before a run.
  • Take A Drink: Consuming a cup of coffee an hour before your recipe can help you build your speed and your stamina. It might sound like cheating, but over two-thirds of Olympic athletes turn to caffeine to help them perform. Beet juice could also help, as it may help oxygen better flow through your body.
  • Stretch It Out: Not only is stretching crucial for avoiding injury, it will help improve your flexibility and strength, making it easier for your body to take on those miles. Make sure you stretch after every run.
  • Get Some Shut-Eye: Without the sleep your body needs (experts say adults need between seven and nine hours), your body will not have the energy it needs to be its fastest.

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