Update Your Auto Insurance This Fall

Update Your Auto Insurance This Fall

Is your auto insurance updated for fall?  Find out what risks you should be covered for this season.

Because fall brings about so many changes, it’s a great time to update your auto insurance.  Not sure what risks you face this season?  Read on to learn what threats you should protect against this autumn.

Wet Weather

During the fall months, the weather tends to get a lot rainier.  Wet weather can make it difficult to safely handle your vehicle and this could increase your chances of a collision this season.  Additionally, if you live in a place that experiences particularly heavy rainfall, your car might be at risk for flood damage.  Make sure that you discuss your risk with your insurance agency and get the updated coverage you need.

Daylight Savings Time

While you might not think about daylight savings in terms of your auto insurance, the time change does pose some risks.  Because we lose an hour, the days get shorter and the nights longer.  This means that a commute that happened during the day in summer may now be happening in the dark.  Because darkness reduces your visibility, your chances of an accident may increase due to this time change.  Make sure you have adequate coverage to protect against this risk.

Halloween Vandalism

While Halloween is all about the treats for younger kids, older kids seem to prefer tricks.  Unfortunately for car owners, this means that their car is at risk of being vandalized.  In fact, more car insurance claims are filed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.  Common claims include slashed tires, broken windows, scratched paint, and vehicle theft.  You can reduce your risk of car vandalism b keeping your car inside a garage, but this might not be possible for many car owners.  The best way to protect against damage is by making sure your insurance is updated to address this risk.

This season, protect your car against these fall risks.  Update your car insurance this season to make sure you’re getting all the coverage that you need.  To update your auto policy this October, contact the professionals at Udell Family Insurance in Westlake Village, California.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist with all your insurance needs!

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