Could Umbrella Insurance Protect You?

Get Under The Umbrella For Full Coverage

If you do not have umbrella insurance coverage, you are leaving yourself and your family exposed to the possibility of a significant financial burden. Yes, you have done the responsible thing by securing homeowners insurance and auto insurance coverage, but those policies have limits. You do not deserve to be left paying out of pocket, so carry umbrella insurance. Here are a few instances when this coverage could serve you.

  • Multi-Car Pileup: If you cause a fender bender, your auto insurance will be able to handle it tidily. If, however, you rear end someone who consequently rear ends someone else, etc. you could find yourself facing medical bills and auto repair expenses for a handful of people. This will likely extend past your coverage’s limits, but umbrella insurance can step in to make up the difference.
  • Injured Guest: Each time you invite people over, you assume liability for hosting them. Hopefully, a guest who slips will be understanding and only ask you to pay for medical expenses, but a disgruntled visitor could take you to court. After your homeowners insurance caps out, umbrella insurance can help handle the legal expenses.
  • Biting Pet: You know your furry family member to be sweet and well mannered, but if something spooks your pet and he or she acts out of character and bites someone, you could be taken to court. Do not let a drawn out legal battle become a major expense for your family; umbrella insurance can cover these costs.

Are you and your loved ones under the umbrella with great insurance coverage? Contact Udell Family Insurance in Westlake Village for all of your umbrella insurance needs in California. We are here to make sure you are protected no matter what life brings.

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