True or False? Myths about Auto Insurance

True or False? Myths about Auto Insurance

We want to challenge what you may think you know about auto insurance.

  1. True or False? Myths about Auto Insurance

Truth: The color of your vehicle has as much impact on your insurance as wind blowing on Mars. Meaning, that it has no impact on your car insurance.

  1. You can keep your rates from rising by not reporting an accident

Truth: if you get into an accident with another driver, they may file the claim. If they do, it’s only a matter of time until their insurance company files a claim against yours. Once this happens, your premiums may increase accordingly.

  1. Premiums rise as you age into your elder years

The opposite is actually quite true. Drivers over the age of 55 may qualify for senior citizen reduced car insurance rates. This is often done after the driver completes a safe driving course (and passes).

Knowing fact from fiction is imperative if you don’t want to overpay for coverage. No matter what info you have, your car needs to be covered with the right auto insurance policy. Contact Udell Family Insurance in Westlake Village, California for all of your car insurance coverage needs. For 2016, our rates have been reduced, especially for drivers with 0 points on their record.

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