Tools to Increase Your Small Business Efficiency

Tools to Increase Your Small Business Efficiency

Small businesses are often limited in resources. That’s why it’s important they take advantage of the technology available.

Small business owners have always been crafty when it comes to increasing efficiency. Technology is often used by small business owners to help small business owners. They do this because many small business owners are forced to work with insufficient budgets, limited personnel, and overwhelming workloads. As technology advances, the average business owner is better able to help themselves with daily tasks and responsibilities. Here are some tools to help you increase your small business efficiency.

Note-taking and archiving.

Evernote® – Evernote is a cloud-based app that allows you to easily access and edit important information from multiple devices. You can edit from your computers, smartphone, or tablet.

Online meetings.

Google Hangouts – 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. Tone, facial expressions, hand gestures, etc., all help us communicate. If you rely on just text or audio, you’re missing a portion of the communication.

Social Media Management.

WordPress – Initially created for blog posts, this tool allows programmers to create a fully customizable website.

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