Tips for Small Businesses to Get More Reviews


Nearly 84% of internet users trust online reviews over word-of-mouth referrals. Hence, reviews play a crucial role in influencing a purchase decision or brand perception. These online reviews are available everywhere – from social media handles to Google My Business pages. However, the trick is that you need to leverage these reviews to grow your business.

How can you earn more reviews for businesses? Here are a few tips to help you get more reviews:

Educate Yourself on Review Guidelines

Make sure you know how to get reviews. You can read community guidelines of popular websites like Amazon or Google to learn more about the best practices of review submission and publication. Identify the differences and overlaps these review sites have in their guidelines and prepare your review strategy accordingly.

However, make sure that you never review your own company and nor hire anyone to generate reviews for your business. Also, never promote fake reviews or post negative reviews for your competitors. Accept whatever reviews you receive from your customers and respond to them.

Develop a Culture Around Reviews

When you offer top-notch services, the client is bound to laud you with praise and appreciation over review platforms. It also makes it convenient to request reviews from your customers.

Ask for Reviews

You can ask your long-term and satisfied customers to post a review either on your company website or review platform. Avoid “buying” reviews or getting them in return for quid pro quo services.

You can ask for reviews through face-to-face interactions, batch emails, personalized emails, or a mailer list. Ask reviews, especially when you have delivered the best of your services!

Offer Support and Guidance to Customers

Merely asking customers to drop you a review will not suffice. You have to be proactive and offer guidance to make the review posting process easier. Sharing your expectations or clear directions, followed by a thank you note, can earn you more reviews.

Record Participant Details and Follow Up 

Everyone is busy, and it is easier to forget posting the reviews. Fortunately, following up can help tackle this issue. Cite the initial communication and politely issue a reminder. For this purpose, you will require a record of the interested parties. So create one to keep a track.

Use Reviews to Influence Search Results

Remember, positive reviews and higher star ratings are a positive signal for both search engines and your prospects. So you can promote positive reviews to grow your small business. At the same time, request your clients to post reviews and increase your review volume consistently.

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