Tips for Your Retirement & Money

Tips for Your Retirement & Money

As you approach retirement, it is important that you have a plan set in place as to not be caught off guard when the time comes. 

Retirement is a stage in life to which we all look forward. In a somewhat doleful manner, it is, in a way, the thing we basically work all our lives to achieve. No matter your profession, it’s important that you plan your retirement in order to prepare for what’s to come next and to transition you into this stage without any complications. Here are a few tips for your retirement.

  1. Have a Cash Cushion – It’s always good to have a cash cushion in case things in the economy go south. Redirect your contributions into cash investment options.
  2. Stay Diversified – Diversify where you keep your retirement in tax-deferred accounts and some in a Roth account.
  3. Use the Fiduciary Rule – The fiduciary rule requires advisers and brokers to put your interests first! Which begs the question, what on Earth were they doing before, and why is this law coming in so late? But that is neither here nor there.

When you approach retirement, you may rethink your life insurance policy. To talk to a local professional who can help you pick the right policy for your family, contact Udell Family Insurance in Westlake Village, California.

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