Term Life Insurance Information For Life Insurance Awareness Month

Term Life Insurance Westlake Village CA

During Life Insurance Awareness Month, we want to make sure you’re aware of your Westlake Village, CA term life insurance options.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so we want to take advantage of the opportunity!

Particularly, we want you to know that you have life insurance options. Your life looks different from your friend’s, your neighbor’s, and your co-worker’s, so why would you all be stuck with the same type of life insurance policy? Fortunately, you aren’t! While you can get whole life insurance that will stay in force for the duration of your life, sometimes term life insurance might be a better fit. Here’s a quick look at this type of coverage.

  • What is it? A term life insurance policy is a type of life insurance that stays in effect for a certain term, after which it expires.
  • How long is the term? It’s up to you! Want to get life insurance until your new baby is settled in college? You can get a twenty-year term. Just looking to protect this next season? Get a five-year term. You can customize your policy to best meet your needs.
  • What’s the benefit? Other than the ability to just tailor coverage to protect what matters most beyond your lifetime, a term policy is also much more affordable than a whole one!


Would you like to learn more about how term life insurance could help you protect your family – and your wallet? For answers to all of your life insurance questions in Westlake Village and the nearby California cities, contact Udell Family Insurance.

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