7 Simple Steps To Protect Your RV and Belongings

RV Theft Insurance Westlake Village CA

Your RV and your contents inside can amount to a substantial amount of money – be sure that they are protected!

If your RV or your belongings inside were to get stolen, your vacation would grind to halt and you could face a huge financial loss. To prevent this, all of your tech-gadgets, personal items, valuables should be properly protected before you set off!

Here are some simple steps to take to keep your RV and belongings safe while away:

  • Keep a list of all items inside your recreational vehicle, along with the RV’s registration number, and vehicle identification number
  • Photograph all valuable items, and store a digital and paper copy
  • Calculate the value of your belongings by tallying up how much you paid for each item
  • Include all electronics as they are all valuable! Don’t forget the fridge, strove, sound system!
  • Do campground research! Be sure to find out if they have 24-hour security, gates, and cameras.
  • If the campground is more isolated, be sure to park in a well-lit area!
  • Get reliable RV insurance coverage!

To receive the best insurance coverage on your RV, visit Udell Family Insurance. We cover your RV in the event of damage or loss, as well as providing liability coverage, so that you are protected in every situation. To enjoy your vacation stress-free contact us today!

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