Questions Every Renter Should Ask

Get The Most Of Your Rental With These Inquiries

Before you move into your new rental, you will have to sign your lease. Do not just put your name to that paper blindly; be an educated renter. Ask these questions of your future landlord before signing your lease.

  • What Is The Term? Make sure the length of your lease is in line with your plans to stay in the rental unit. If, for example, you are hoping for a summer rental, make sure your lease is month-to-month.
  • How Do I Pay Rent? Do not be left with a rent check in your hand and no place to put it. Ask your landlord how rent should be paid, whether online, via mail, in person, or with an alternate method.
  • Are Pets Allowed? You could be evicted for breaking the terms of your lease if you bring a pet into a rental that does not allow for them. Ask your landlord about his or her pet policy before assuming you can move your furry family member in.
  • How Do I Get Maintenance? Some properties have an on-site manager, while others will call in a professional to handle certain maintenance needs. Inquire about who you should go to with your maintenance requests, and what kind of timeline you should expect for work to be completed.
  • How Much Notice Do I Get Before You Come In? Ask your landlord what the policy is for his or her entering your apartment. (The common rule is 24 hours.)

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