How To: Preventing Rear End Collisions

Preventing Rear End Collisions Westlake Village, CA

Use these tips to help you prevent a car crash.

Rear end collisions may not cause serious damage to your car, but they can lead to painful injuries. To help you prevent rear end collisions whenever you are on the road, keep these tips in mind.

  • Follow safely – you should always keep a three-second following distance between you and the car in front of you. Pick a spot on the side of the road, and once the car in front of you passes it, start counting slowly. If you reach the same point before you hit “three,” you are too close.
  • Be predictable – making sudden movements may not give the cars behind you enough time to safely react. Use your turn signal and slow down gradually instead of slamming on your brakes.
  • Know your surroundings – constantly check your mirrors while you are driving and look for an escape route. Knowing where you can pull to if the car behind you is not slowing down can help you avoid a serious crash.

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