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Is Bargain-Priced Motorcycle Insurance Really A Bargain?

You have already invested a lot of money into getting your motorcycle where it is today. With the maintenance required, you are likely looking for ways you can minimize your costs in other areas. When looking to save on their bike ownership costs, many people turn to their motorcycle insurance. Is getting cheap motorcycle insurance really a bargain, or will it end up costing you down the road? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Am I Meeting My Legal Requirements? The state of California requires you to carry a certain amount of liability insurance. If you are looking to slash coverage to slash your cost, make sure that you do not do that in the area of liability. Talk with your agent before adjusting your policy, as he or she will be able to advise you on the required coverage.
  • What Are My Risks? If you are considering carrying less protection for your bike, you should know that you are opening yourself up to the possibility of a great expense down the road. If you are not in a position where you could comfortably cover your own medical bills and the cost of replacing your bike after an accident, make sure you carry at least enough coverage to protect you in those areas.
  • How Else Can I Save? You may be able capitalize on other discounts without reducing your coverage. Ask about savings for insuring your motorcycle with your home or car, being a member of certain groups (e.g. AARP), and completing a rider safety course.

You should not have to decide between full coverage and affordable coverage. To get the right motorcycle insurance to protect you, your bike, and your wallet, contact Udell Family Insurance. The members of our dedicated Westlake Village team are experts at crafting the best California coverage for motorcycle owners at the most competitive price.

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