Little Things That Could Be Costing Your Business Thousands: Part I

Little Things That Could Be Costing Your Business Thousands: Part I

Could these minute expenses actually be at the forefront of what’s costing your business thousands of dollars?

When you think about the expenses that cost your business the most, the first things that pop into mind are probably your staff’s paychecks and the premise rent. But these are necessary factors that you need for growth, so where is the rest of the money going? Here are 3 things that could be costing you business thousands.

1. Postage

Email have done away with most of your communications, but many businesses still heavily rely on the postal service. When you add up everything you ship, the cost can be eye-opening. A frank machine can be a cost-effective alternative to paying for postage stamps.

2. Phone bills

Failing to keep an eye on phone usage, or failing to shop around the most competitive price can leave you with quite a hefty phone bill. Using online calling systems like Skype or G+, can reduce the amount of time you use the phones, while communicating what you want to whomever you want.

3. Tea & Coffee

While it may be that coffee and tea are staples in any work place, not buying in bulk can easily lead to a waste of money—especially with those workers whose dependency on coffee is likened to Walter White’s customers.

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