How Homeowners Can Protect Against Winter Weather Damage

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Protect your home from extreme wither weather conditions.

Many homeowners know that winter brings about some of the most damaging weather conditions they will see all year.  This is why it’s important to take preventative measures around your property.  Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent damage to your home this winter.

  • Close Your Fireplace Flue and Windows

When your fireplace is not in use, you should make sure to close the flue.  Additionally, you should make sure you close and lock your windows before leaving your home or going to bed for the night.  Leaving your flue and windows open will allow cold air, water, and even vermin to enter your home this winter.

  • Repel Pests

During the winter months, ants and rodents try to break into homes so they can stay warm and find a steady source of food.  To prevent an infestation, take preventative measures by having your pest control company spray around the perimeter of your home.  Additionally, make sure you seal any holes or gaps along your windows or doors, so bugs and rodents cannot enter your home.  Finally, make sure you seal up leftover foods to keep the smell from attracting vermin.

  • Run Your Swimming Pool Pump

If you have a swimming pool on your property, then you have probably closed it in preparation for the winter.  However, you should keep your pool pumps running when temperatures drop below freezing to ensure that your water lines do not freeze over.  This will help you prevent significant damage to your pool equipment and plumbing this winter

These are some of the measures that you can take around your home to prevent winter damage.  Want another way to take care of your home this winter?  Then make sure you have the right homeowners insurance in place.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at Udell Family Insurance today.

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