Make Your Life Easier By Automating Your Home

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Bring Technology Into Your Home

Just a decade ago, controlling the temperature in your home with your mobile phone sounded like something straight out of The Jetsons. Today, that is just the first step in home automation. As technology has advanced, it has dramatically changed our lives and we are beginning to see that evidenced in our houses. Here are a just a few benefits of home automation.

  • Improved Security: It is a terrible feeling to get halfway to work only to realize you forgot to lock your door. Fortunately, with automated door locks you can lock your doors on the go. All you need is your Smartphone and the tap of your finger.
  • Increased Care: If you have a pet that you have to leave at home during your work day, you likely often worry about your furry family member. With an advanced security system, you can have access to visuals from security cameras placed throughout your home, enabling you to check on your pet (or even your kids when they get home from school) from your mobile device.
  • Expanded Energy Efficiency: Certainly, you do not want to leave your heater blasting while you spend the day at the office, but you also do not want to come home to an ice box and spend your night shivering while your house heats up. Fortunately, home automation can offer you a happy medium. With an automated thermostat, you can adjust the temperature at home from your work, setting it at the perfect temperature for the time you arrive.

When you make these upgrades to your home, they deserve to be protected. For the homeowners insurance that will carry with you into the future, contact Udell Family Insurance. Located in Westlake Village, California, our expert team is educated on the most advanced home automation and how to protect it.

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