Keeping Your Valuables Safe!

Homeowners Insurance and Your Valuables

Your belongings can be kept safe with Westlake Village, Ca home insurance coverage.

Whether it’s your laptop filled with precious family photos or a necklace passed down to your mother from her mother, your precious belongings hold more value that just what was paid for them.

To you, it should be important to protect your valuables from theft so that your precious possessions are always with you.

Below are a few tips to keep your valuables safe and sound:

At Home

  • Keep your important documents (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance policies) in a fire-proof safe.
  • Avoid “hiding” your spare house key in the front porch as it is incredibly predictable and thieves know to check these spots first.
  • Invest in a security system. Although these don’t come cheap, they do provide high security for your home.

On the Go

  • Use a money belt to stash IDs, credit cards, and money away from pickpockets whilst traveling.
  • Store all of your valuables in the hotel safety deposit box or the in-room safe when available.
  • Leave expensive items behind! Even if you outsmart a thief, you may end up misplacing the item!

Depending on your valuable items, your homeowners policy may not have the sufficient limits to cover the full cost of replacing your belongings. Talk to one of our experienced insurance agents at Udell Family Insurance for the Westlake Village, California home insurance that you, your home, and your belongings deserve!

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