Helpful Tips For Avoiding Vehicle Theft This Summer

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Ensuring Your Car’s Safety

Did you know that vehicle theft rates skyrocket in the summer? This means that you must be proactive in securing the proper insurance protection while also taking measures to reduce your risks of a theft occurring. We want you and your car to be safe from harm, which is why we have compiled a list of important tips for avoiding vehicle theft:

  • NEVER leave your keys in the ignition, even if you are just running back inside your house to grab something “really quick.”
  • Whenever possible, park in your car garage. Otherwise, try to park in a well-lit and well-populated location.
  • It is never advisable to leave valuables in your vehicle. However, whenever you are left with no other choice it is important that you secure all valuables in your trunk where they cannot tempt the eyes of a burglar.
  • Each time you leave your car, double check to make sure that your windows and doors are locked.

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