General Liability Insurance for Your Business

General Liability Insurance for Your Business

General liability insurance protects your business from another person’s claims of harm to their body or their property.

You may think you are the safest business owner in the entire world, but not even the best precautions can guarantee a 100 percent injury-free workplace or issue-free product. If you don’t have the right insurance for your business, you could be forced to pay out of pocket should your workplace or product cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party. This is where general liability insurance steps in to help you out. Learn the basics of general liability coverage (GLC) and why it may prove to be a wise investment.

What it protects against:

  • Bodily injury: if a client falls while at your business, you’ll likely be found legally liable for the injury. GLC will cover that person’s medical bills.
  • Property damage: If you spill coffee on a client’s hard drive and they lose important data because of it, GLC will cover the legal and court fees associated with the lawsuit.

You should consider GLC if you or your employees:

  • Are required to have general liability insurance before entering into a contract.
  • Have access to a client’s equipment.
  • Interact with clients face to face.
  • Represent your client’s business.
  • Use third-party locations for any business-related activities.

Commercial insurance can help insure your business against the perils that it must face on a daily basis. Contact Udell Family Insurance in Westlake Village, California for all of your business insurance coverage needs.

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