El Niño's Coming! Are You Ready?

El Niño's Coming! Are You Ready?

You need flood insurance to be ready for the coming El Niño.

Since we’re almost a half decade into our California drought, a lot of us are wishing for rain. Experts are saying we’re going to get it, and a whole lot of it.

By studying climate models and natural phenomena, scientists are able to project that we’re going to experience an El Niño akin to the one that ravaged California in 1997. Not only did it do over $500 million of damage across the state, it also took 17 lives. Are you ready?

Did you know that your homeowners insurance insurance won’t protect you against flooding? In fact, home policies usually specifically exclude protection against flood damages. In order to be protected against the coming flooding experts are predicting El Niño is bringing our way, you need a flood insurance policy.

Don’t think you can wait until El Niño’s underway to get coverage, either! Flood insurance policies have 30-day waiting periods before they take effect. If you want to be covered when the rains slam Southern California, you need to buy your coverage today.

We can help! To get the right flood insurance for your specific Westlake Village home to weather El Niño in our area, contact Udell Family Insurance today!

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