Critical Facts to Know about Health Insurance and Smoking

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Sometimes, smokers may hesitate to get health insurance, discouraged by the many myths about coverage and tobacco consumption. The biggest worry for them is that they might be denied smokers insurance due to their unhealthy lifestyle habits. While smoking can increase your insurance premium, it isn’t necessarily an obstacle to obtaining health insurance.

How Smoking Affects Your Insurance Premium?

If you’re a smoker, you’ll pay a higher price for health insurance. However, the difference isn’t that significant compared to that of non-smoking policyholders. Your health condition can increase your coverage costs, especially if it’s deteriorating. Note that smoking doesn’t automatically increase your premiums with all carriers. Your health is the most important factor here when determining your coverage cost. This is why smokers may need to undergo a medical test as part of the underwriting process.

Why Get Health Insurance Even If You’re a Smoker?

If you’re concerned that insurers could reject your health insurance application based on your smoking habit, worry no more! Most insurance companies don’t deny coverage to smokers unless the applicant has a severe health complication related to heavy smoking. When you apply for smokers insurance, the underwriter will consider how frequently and how much you smoke. The positive side of this is that you can quit smoking for a chance to be treated as a non-smoker by your existing or prospective insurer. So, it’s better to get health insurance even you smoke than wait to bear the high cost of treatment out of pocket in the future.

Why You Should Disclose All Pertinent Information When Applying for Insurance?

You may be asked questions pertaining to your health and lifestyle when you apply for health insurance. Your answers must be accurate and include all relevant information to avoid obstacles when you file a claim. If you only smoke occasionally, share that information too. Insurance companies always verify the answers you provide using third-party sources. So, any dishonest or deliberately withheld details will eventually be spotted and could invalidate any health insurance claim you make in the future.

What to Do If You’re a Smoker With an Existing Health Condition?

Some smokers keep pushing back on obtaining health insurance until outward signs of serious health issues start to emerge. If you’re in a similar situation, you may wonder if you’re eligible for coverage. The truth is that you may receive health insurance if you disclose all pertinent information. You’ll be required to take a medical test to reveal your exact health situation. You’ll probably pay higher premiums than you would have if you had got covered before your condition deteriorated. While there’ll be a waiting time before coverage for your pre-existing conditions starts, it’s all worth it compared to paying high medical bills out of pocket.

What if your health complication requires immediate medical attention? In this scenario, you could obtain a critical illness policy right away. It would cover any emergency condition you may face and help protect your savings.

Take Action Now Before It’s Too Late.

There’s no need to procrastinate getting health insurance if you’re a smoker. Purchasing your cover while you’re younger can help you lock in lower premiums early in your life. You’re also less likely to be denied coverage by insurers if you obtain insurance when younger. If you need help identifying the right plan for your health and lifestyle needs, contact us today at Udell Family Insurance!

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