Common Red Flags for Used Vehicles

used car with hood up, watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car

Watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car.

If you are shopping for a used car, then you are exposing yourself to certain risks.  To ensure that you don’t end up buying a dud, it’s important to keep an eye out for certain red flags.  Watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car.

  • Missing Maintenance or Service Records

Car owners usually save records that show that they have properly maintained their car.  These records normally include routine service tasks like oil changes and mileage service.  If a seller cannot provide these records, then there’s a good chance that the car has been neglected.  Be cautious because you could be purchasing a time bomb.

  • History of Frequent Repairs

If the car has a long list of repairs, then there’s a chance that there’s something seriously wrong with the car.  This is especially suspicious if the repairs happened right before the owner listed their car for sale.  Proceed with caution and request that the car gets checked out by a mechanic that you know and trust.

  • Lots of Previous Owners

If the car has jumped from owner to owner, then this could indicate that the car has major issues that have made previous owners want to get rid of it.  Again, be wary and check the car’s history and have it inspected to ensure that you aren’t buying a dud.

  • Low Price

If the car is being sold way under market value, then this should raise a red flag.  While it’s true that there are many reasons why a car owner may want to sell their car for a low price, this is a common tactic that sellers use to get rid of a junky car.  By offering such a low price, the owner may be hoping that you will overlook some of the serious issues with the car.

Watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car.  If you’ve finally found the car that’s right for you, then make sure you insure it with the right auto insurance.  For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact the experts at Udell Family Insurance today.

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