Cleaning Up Car Fluid

Clean Fluid Leaks on Driveway

Do You Know How To Best Handle A Leak?

You try to keep your home as clean as possible, but there are some things that are simply out of your control. One of those incidents is a leak from fluid onto your garage floor or driveway. Whether the leak came from your car, your lawn mower, or your recreational vehicle, it is important for you to know how to best handle it to avoid a permanent stain. Here is a quick overview of the best way to deal with leaks.

  • Oil: If the leak is still new (i.e. the fluid is wet), put a little cornstarch, cornmeal, or baking soda over it to absorb the rest of the oil. Once dry (or if you discovered the stain dry), wet it with water and scrub it with a paste made of half baking soda and half water using a stiff brush. Rinse off the area and let it air dry.
  • Transmission Fluid: If you notice a bright red stain, it probably came from a leak of transmission fluid. Remove it by covering the area with oven cleaner and let that sit for ten minutes. Then, grab your stiff brush and scrub the spot. Rinse the area with a high pressure hose. If the stain did not come out, you can repeat the process.
  • Gasoline: Similar to oil, if the gas stain is still wet use cornstarch or another powder to absorb the moisture. Once dry, scrub the stain with a mix of dishwasher detergent and water. Let that soak in for a few minutes, then hose off.

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