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Are Thefts Covered by Standard Renters Insurance Policy?

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Are Thefts Covered by a Standard Renters Insurance Policy

As a renter, you should consider buying renters insurance, especially if you own expensive possessions. This way, you can protect the value of your belongings and also be covered if you cause damage or injury to a neighbor or visitor at your rental complex.

What is renters insurance?

Renters insurance is divided into three coverage types: personal property, liability, and loss of use.

Personal property covers your possessions if they are lost, stolen, or damaged due to a covered peril.
Liability covers legal costs if someone accuses you of causing harm or damage.
Loss of use covers storage […]

When You Need to Review Your Life Insurance Policy

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new baby, life changes that should trigger an insurance review

These life changes mean it’s time to review your life insurance coverage.

Just because you have secured life insurance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all the coverage that you need.  To maximize your coverage, you need to regularly review and update your policy.  Here are some of the life changes that signal it’s time for a life insurance update.

You Are Getting Married

If you have life insurance and are getting married in the near future, then you need to review and update your policy to ensure that […]

Common Red Flags for Used Vehicles

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used car with hood up, watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car

Watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car.

If you are shopping for a used car, then you are exposing yourself to certain risks.  To ensure that you don’t end up buying a dud, it’s important to keep an eye out for certain red flags.  Watch out for these issues when shopping for a used car.

Missing Maintenance or Service Records

Car owners usually save records that show that they have properly maintained their car.  These records normally include routine service tasks like oil changes and mileage service.  If […]

Renters Insurance Coverage Exclusions to Know About

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new renters reviewing insurance, what renters insurance doesn’t cover

What renters insurance doesn’t cover.

If you live in a rented apartment or home, then you know how important it is to protect your belongings and personal liability with the right renters insurance.  However, like all insurance policies, renters insurance does come with certain coverage limits and exclusions.  To ensure that a gap in your policy doesn’t catch you by surprise, here’s what renters insurance doesn’t cover.

Certain Natural Disasters

While renters insurance offers protection against most natural disasters, there are certain extreme events that are excluded from coverage.  For […]

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