Caring For Your Tires


How To Keep Your Tires Properly Maintained

Your tires are your point of contact with the road. If they have even a small problem, you have a major problem. You do not want to be left without traction, careening into the median or—worse yet—another car. Use these tips to keep your tires in tip-top shape.

Rotate And Realign: Get your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. After all those miles on the road, parts of your tires get more worn than others. Rotating your tires and making sure they are properly aligned not only keeps you safer on the road, but also can extend the life of your tires.

Inspect Inflation: Underinflated tires have reduced traction, and overinflated tires are at a greater risk of blowing out. Invest in an inexpensive tire gauge and check your tire pressure once a month. You can know what level your tires should be at by checking your owner’s manual. Keep your tire gauge in your glove box, and check the pressure when you drive into new climates, as your tire pressure will drop in colder temperatures.

Try Your Tread: Did you know you could check the tread on your tires with the change in your pocket? Stick a penny into the groove of your tire, and if the top of the tread is able to touch the top of Lincoln’s head, you have the 2/32” of tread you need. Tires lacking sufficient tread have been shown to be in a significantly greater number of accidents.

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