Are You Ready For The Next Earthquake?

California Earthquake Insurance Westlake Village

All California homeowners should have an earthquake insurance policy.

California is known for many things – warm temperatures, sunny skies, and earthquakes. While every area of the country is vulnerable to earthquakes, California experiences more than other parts of the country.

Even with the high risk of experiencing an earthquake, many homeowners don’t have earthquake insurance. Don’t fall victim to one of these common reasons for not having coverage to ensure you are protected.

  • Your home survived past quakes. Each earthquake is different and can cause serious damage to structures that stood strong in past earthquakes.
  • Your home is bolted to the foundation. While bolting your home to the foundation is a good start, it will not ensure less damage. Earthquake retrofitting techniques work much better for some home designs than they do for others.
  • You’ll get help from FEMA. All money that is borrowed from FEMA after a disaster will need to be repaid, unlike the payout that you can get from your earthquake insurance policy.

To ensure your home and personal belongings are properly protected with the right California earthquake insurance policy, contact the Westlake Village insurance experts at Udell Family Insurance.

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