Brave The Waves With These Safety Tips

Protect Your Freedom On The Water With This Guide

When you set out from the pier to enjoy the open water, you get a sense of freedom with which almost nothing else can compare. You also assume a great deal of responsibility, as boating accidents are unfortunately common. To protect yourself and your guests out on the waves, use these safety tips.

  • Ditch Drinking: It can be tempting to let loose while out on the water, but when you are the captain of your boat the same rules apply as do on the roadways: don’t drink and drive. Experts say that one drink of the water is the equivalent to three on dry ground, so keep an eye on your intake.
  • Join The Jacket Club: Unless you want your likelihood of drowning to be six-fold, put on a life jacket. Make it a part of your boating attire to protect yourself.
  • Switch It: A kill switch is not just a fancy device for spies. It can also be installed in your boat, connecting to the ignition at one end and the driver’s wrist at the other. This means that if a driver is thrown out of the boat, or even just out of position, the ignition will shut off so the boat cannot continue unmanned.
  • Go It Slow: Quick maneuvers are not ideal in any driving situation, but can be especially dangerous in a boat that responds more slowly. Keep your eye on the water ahead and plan in advance for any adjustments or moves you will need to make.

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