Will Rental Car Insurance Provide Coverage for Lost Keys?

Oct 19, 2022

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Will Rental Car Insurance Provide Coverage for Lost Keys?

Rental car insurance protects an individual against the cost of damage that might happen when they rent a car. As a precautionary measure, it is advised to get rental car insurance to get you covered during an unexpected event. Rental car insurance provides three types of basic coverage, and they are damaged, theft, and third-party coverage.

What if you rent a car and the keys get lost? Will your rental car insurance cover lost keys? Keep reading the article to get the answers.

Steps to Take If You Lose Rental Car Keys

Most car insurance won’t cover lost keys. However, there might be some exceptions in your insurance. You can check with your rental car insurance company to find out if the keys are covered by an insurance policy. Since car keys are personal property, they are not covered by car insurance for loss. Replacing the key, the individual will have to bear the additional cost of the keys.

If you have lost your rental car key, you can follow these steps to get new keys.
  1. Call Roadside Assistance

    Roadside assistance numbers are provided by most rental car companies. The rental car company will have its own guidelines to follow. Some companies charge extra to provide timely assistance to stranded people who lose their car keys. You can get all these details by calling the roadside assistance executive.

  2. Check Your Rental Agreement

    Read and check your rental agreement to understand if your rental insurance company handles lost keys for rental cars. If the keys are not covered by your insurance, you might have to pay extra for the new keys. The cost of a new key can be very hefty on the renter’s pocket. All the details will be mentioned in your renter's car agreement.

  3. Go to the Dealership

    If there is no timely roadside assistance available in your area, you can approach a local dealership for your rented car. This is the most expensive option to get the keys for your rental car. The dealer will ask you questions and verify your identity before providing the keys.

    You will have to produce your rental car agreement, as it will confirm that you are the person responsible for the car. The cost of the key would depend on the car model and type of key required for the car.

  4. Why Don't Rental Car Keys Separate?

    According to the rental car agreement, there cannot be multiple drivers for the rented car. That is why the rental car keys are attached together. You cannot separate the keys as it is mentioned in the agreement. So, if you lose the key, both keys are lost.

    Losing the car keys can become stressful and financially exhausting for the renter. While getting rental car insurance, you can inquire with the insurance provider, asking if they would provide additional insurance coverage.

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