Insurance for Thanksgiving Fails You Need to Know About

Nov 09, 2022

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Insurance for Thanksgiving Fails You Need to Know About

Thanksgiving Day is one of those holidays when a home cooking fire really causes a serious mess. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day emerged as the No. 1 day for home cooking fires reported to fire departments, according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics.

As you might anticipate, these holiday fires result in grumpy faces at the dinner table and tons of homeowners insurance claims. These claims are usually expensive. According to the NFPA, the average loss from a cooking fire in a home is around $8,000. It is better to stay prepared for such a mishap by having suitable homeowners insurance for the safety of your loved ones.

Insurance Coverage Related to Cooking Fires

A basic policy will cover your home and possessions if a fire breaks out in your house. Don't forget to use your policy's "extra living expenses" coverage, commonly known as loss of use, if you suffer substantial fire damage and cannot reside in your home.

This will cover any additional expenses incurred, such as hotel charges, while the house is being repaired.

Using a Deep Fryer to Cook Turkey?

Videos of turkeys blowing up in deep fryers can be found all over the internet.

Deep-frying a turkey is strongly discouraged by experts because it's a dangerous way to cook a bird. According to the NFPA, deep fryers had the highest death rate per 1,000 home cooking fires from 2014 to 2018 (5.4), the second-highest average loss per fire ($27,200), and the fourth-highest injury rate per 1,000 fires.

Examine Your Liability Coverage

Suppose visitors are hurt while on your property; your homeowners insurance policy's liability coverage will compensate for the losses. Most common homeowner plans include liability protection for accidents or property damage up to $300,000, but you can expand that coverage.

Your liability insurance may cover problems like these:
  1. A mishap caused by the alcohol you're serving
  2. A visitor being hurt after tripping, slipping, or falling
  3. A visitor getting bit by your dog

Tips to Prevent Disasters at Home During Thanksgiving Dinners

In addition to putting the deep fryer away, you may take several other precautions to avoid home mishaps over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are 11 suggestions for avoiding turkey-related cooking issues.

  1. Make sure your smoke alarms are operational by testing them.
  2. Keep kids at least 3 feet away from the stove and other hot food and drink preparation and serving areas.
  3. Never put a grease fire raging in a pan on your stove with water. Instead, extinguish the flames by covering the fire with a lid or a bigger pan.
  4. When you're cooking, pay attention. It's a good idea to avoid preparing Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen if you're drowsy or intoxicated.
  5. Keep towels, oven mitts, and other combustible items out of the area where you cook, such as food wrappers. They might catch fire if they are placed too close to your stove.

Final Thoughts

Being vigilant in the kitchen remains critical to ensuring a fire-safe holiday feast. Thanksgiving is a day of family and friends, so don't let a kitchen mishap ruin the day. Be careful and follow the tips mentioned above to avoid any disasters.

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