Can I Transfer My Renters Insurance Policy?

Dec 07, 2022

Renters Insurance

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When you rent a house or an apartment, renters insurance can shield you from damage, theft, and other issues that might arise. The question is, what happens to your coverage if you move? Is your renters insurance transferable, or do you need new coverage? This blog addresses your questions on the transferability of renters insurance and offers recommendations on how to accomplish it.

Is My Renters Insurance Transferable When I Move?

Depending on where you are relocating and what your insurance policy says, you'll need to decide what to do with your renters insurance. If you're moving to a new rental, you may be able to transfer your policy to the new address, provided your insurance provider offers coverage in that area. Generally, you can transfer your renters insurance from one property to the next. However, make sure that your renters insurance continues to apply to your new home in terms of coverage and policy constraints. For instance, if your new rental home has an expensive coffee machine, you may want to include it in your policy and cover it against potential damage.

Also, keep in mind that if you're buying a home, your renters insurance won't provide coverage for the new home; instead you'll have to buy a homeowners insurance policy.

Are Policies Transferable to Another Person?

Your renters insurance policy cannot be transferred to a new tenant. The new resident of the apartment must buy their own renters insurance if they sublet your space or if your landlord transfers their lease to another person.

Can I Transfer My Insurance to Another Company?

No, you cannot switch to a different insurer under your current renters insurance coverage. You can only switch insurance providers by cancelling your current policy and getting a new one. Shop around and compare estimates from other carriers before you switch insurance providers. Additionally, before terminating your insurance, find out if there are any cancellation fees. It is also in your best interest to make sure to purchase a new policy before cancelling your current one.

How to Transfer Your Renters Insurance When You Move

Here's how you can transfer your renters insurance in an easy and straightforward way while shifting from one property to another-

  1. First, verify whether your insurance is transferable. It's best to contact your insurance company or carefully review your policy to learn the specifics.

  2. Second, do not forget to examine how the address change will affect policy prices. Check whether a change of address will result in a higher premium based on the type of home you're moving into, the neighborhood’s crime rate, and its history of natural disasters.

  3. Never forget to change your address in the official documents. You can update the address on your policy online or by getting in touch with your agent.

  4. Get your updated insurance, ensure it fully covers and protects you and your valuable assets in your new rental, and ensure that the policy terms reflect these changes.

Udell Insurance Has All Your Needs Covered!

Consider making an inventory and determining the value of your new rental when you move. When all is said and done, you may discover that your present coverage is insufficient, in which case, expanding your coverage will give you more security.

For more information on the transferability of renters insurance and how it may guard your belongings against damage or theft, contact our experts at Udell Family Insurance today!

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