Biggest Threats to Your Small Business’s Bottom Line

Biggest Threats to Your Small Business’s Bottom Line

Protect your business from these financial threats.

If you’re a business owner, then you know that threats to your business’s bottom line are everywhere.   While you can’t protect your business from everything, there are a couple of major threats that every business owner should look out for.  Here are some of the biggest threats that your business faces.


One major issue that all businesses need to watch out for is overspending.  Generally, businesses overspend on marketing and on hiring.  In regards to marketing, many businesses overestimate the impact that advertising will have on their business and they end up spending far more money than the marketing campaign actually generates.  It’s similar with hiring.  Business anticipate that they will experience major demand for their services and they hire accordingly.  However, these businesses rarely experience the high demand that they prepared for and they end up spending too much on hiring and training their employees.  To minimize this risk, you should conduct enough market research to make accurate and informed decisions.  Doing the necessary research will help you figure out how much to budget for marketing ads and hiring needs.

Legal Issues

Unfortunately, small businesses are often targeted for legal action.  Whether the lawsuit comes from an angry customer or a disgruntled employee, the costs associated with legal problems can be staggering.  Costs include legal fees, settlement costs, and the revenue lost while dealing with a legal issue.  While many small businesses have contingencies in place, these emergency funds cannot always cover the full extent of these costs.  One way to cut down on lawsuits is to offer employee training problems that teach your team how to reduce liability risks.  However, even the best training can’t prevent every legal issue.  The best way to protect your business is to invest in a good commercial insurance policy.

Make sure you protect your business’s bottom line from these financial threats.  If you want to take precautionary steps and invest in the right commercial insurance for your needs, then contact the professionals at Udell Family Insurance.  Located in Westlake Village, California, our team is ready to get you the coverage you need.

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