Constructing Your Coverage: Which Factors Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Constructing Your Coverage: Which Factors Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Understanding The Components Of Your Insurance Premiums

Your auto insurance premiums are not constructed by a magic potion or with rocket science. There are a few, easily understandable factors that make up your premiums. While some of them are out of your control, there are a few factors that you can adjust to get premiums that better suit your needs. To help, here is a quick overview of the components of your coverage that affect your premiums.

  • Your Deductible: Increasing your deductible will decrease your premiums. Just make sure you do not increase your deductible to an amount you would not be comfortable paying should you need your coverage to kick in after an accident.
  • Your Car: The price of repairing your car, its likelihood of getting stolen, and its safety features all make it more or less risky to drive (and consequently, to insure). To get the lowest premiums, choose a model that is a IIHS Top Safety Pick+, does not require parts imported internationally, and it low on the list for thieves.
  • Your Record: If you have a history of safe driving, your insurer will see you as less of a liability, and will consequently offer you reduced premiums. A DUI, other traffic violation, or history of accidents, on the other hand, can spike your monthly costs.
  • Yourself: Statistical evidence shows that drivers over 25, women drivers, and married drivers are all safer on the road. Consequently, if you are young, single, and/or male your premiums will likely be higher than an older, married female.

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