Smartly Storing Your Classic Car

Use These Tips To Keep Your Classic Car Safe

Your classic car is not just another family vehicle. It is an important collector’s item and you know its unique value. Consequently, you likely only take your sweet ride out on the road on special occasions. During the times it is not being driven, how are you storing your classic car? Use these guidelines to ensure that your car is being properly protected while in storage.

  • Insulate It: You car deserves to be kept in good working condition, and a key component of doing that is keeping it warm. Do not let the cold temperatures wreak havoc on your vehicle; keep it in a covered, well-insulated area.
  • Organize It: It would be a shame to have your classic car damaged while in the safety of your garage. Do not let it get dinged by work tools lying around, or scratched while moving boxes around the area. Utilize hooks, pegboards and other smart storage to de-clutter your garage.
  • Safeguard It: Your classic car’s home deserves to have the same safeguards your actual home does, so install a security alarm and smoke detector in the garage. Adding an overhead sprinkler can help keep your car safe in the event a fire does break out.
  • Light It: Keeping proper lighting in your garage can help you see small buffs and dents in your car so you can address them right away and keep your car in top shape.

Does your classic car have the insurance coverage its value merits? Do not leave your important ride under- or unprotected. Contact Udell Family Insurance in Westlake Village for all of your classic car insurance needs in California. Our team of dedicated agents can help you discern the right level of protection for your unique classic car.

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