What You Should Do After an Earthquake: The Reaction

What You Should Do After an Earthquake: The Reaction

All disasters come to an end, but they often leave rubble, injured humans, and wrecked cities.

When the shaking has stopped, what are you expected to do? You’ve just gone through something truly traumatic, and you may not be thinking clearly. If you’ve never received any information on this topic you’ll be truly lost. Here are some tips and tricks on what you should do when it comes to reacting to the aftermath of an earthquake that just passed through.

  • Expect the aftershock(s). These secondary shockwaves are usually less violent than their preceding wave, but can cause serious damage to already weakened structures.
  • Use the telephone for emergency calls only. Everyone and their mother is going to be making phone calls, which may cause delays on your carrier. Using the phone only in an emergency is the best way to deter this from happening.
  • Stay away from damaged areas. Only if your home has been cleared by the fire or police department should you reenter.
  • Be weary of tsunamis. If you live in a coastal area, the seismic activity may have started off-shore. If the local authorities issue a tsunami warning, it means that a big wave is on its way. Stay away from the beach and get to high ground.
  • Open cabinets carefully. Objects could have shifted while in the cabinet and be resting against the door. Open the door carefully to avoid breaking anything.
  • Listen to a battery-powered radio. Listen for the latest emergency information. They may tell you what you need to do to stay as safe as possible.

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