5 Costly Mistakes Homeowners Must Avoid


Owning a home is a great experience. However, to be a proud owner, make sure you avoid common homeowner mistakes.

Here is a list of five costly, common homeowner mistakes that you can avoid:

Ignoring “Small Stuff”

You love and feel good about the home you purchase. However, ignoring the small issues may potentially blow up later. Think about the squeaky floorboard on the deck or a leaky showerhead – these issues can lead to expensive repairs or increased water bills. Address these issues and get them fixed immediately.

Not Conducting Regular Inspection

How often do you inspect your home? Frequent home inspections can help you address the issues in the nooks and crannies that you may otherwise ignore. Consider checking out the basement or the attic for any issues and fix them.

Failing to Carry Out Appliance Maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance activities for all your home appliances will increase its durability while also preventing future mishaps. Given below are a few maintenance tasks that you need to perform:

  • Clean exhaust vents of the dryer, air conditioner, etc.
  • Check cooling coils of the refrigerator and compressor of your AC.
  • Clean food filter and hose of the dishwasher

Neglecting the Heating/Cooling Systems

Imagine your HVAC giving out just before peak summer periods!

To avoid such issues, you need to consider servicing your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump to keep them in good condition. Clean out the ducts and replace the filters at regular intervals. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Not Having a Home Warranty

Due to regular upkeep and careful usage, the appliances in your home may deliver optimum results. However, there is a lot that can go wrong. If you don’t have a home warranty, you could end up spending a lot of dollars on repairs or replacements. So you can purchase an extended warranty to ensure these repair and maintenance costs will be covered.

You can avoid these common homeowner mistakes and protect your home. Also, make sure you have the right insurance to protect your home. Contact the experts at Udell Family Insurance for all your insurance needs.

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