July 2020 - Udell Family Insurance

Managing Risk Exposure for a Small Business

9:00 am

Setting up a small business is as much of a task as it is to run it. Part of running a business means protecting it from common risks and managing exposures. It’s important to identify which risks pose a threat to your small business operations so that your company can adequately prepare.

Here are a few tips for managing the risks your business may face:

Set Business Plans

Even your day-to-day operations are susceptible to threats. First, you need to identify and eliminate potential risks before they escalate and cause extensive damage to your business […]

Top Myths About Auto Insurance

9:00 am

If you have a car, buying auto insurance is important. However, there are several myths about auto insurance that may be misleading. To help you understand the truth, here are a few common myths about auto insurance – clarified.

A Speeding Ticket May Lead to Higher Insurance Costs

It is a misconception that your auto insurance cost will increase after you get a single speeding ticket. Most states don’t allow insurance companies to raise the premiums after a minor violation. You will need to avoid significant offenses like reckless driving, driving in a carpool lane without reason, or […]

High-Risk Homeowners Insurance: What You Need to Know

9:00 am

Buying homeowners insurance can be expensive, but it is important if you need to pay mortgage loans. The insurance rates may vary depending on whether your home is labeled as high-risk. Numerous factors play a role in your home being labeled high-risk.

Here are the factors that may label your house as high-risk:

The Home


If your home is near or in a disaster-prone area or your neighborhood has a high crime rate, it can be labeled high-risk.


If the home holds a history of […]

Low Budget Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

9:00 am

The summer is in full swing now. While it’s tempting to switch on the air conditioner (AC) or sit in front of the fan, there are other ways to lower yourhome’s temperature. Use these tips to keep your house cool during summer.

Energy-Star Rated Cooling System

If you are buying a cooling system, select one that has an energy-star rating. If you already have an AC, call a professional and get it tuned up as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t Crank Up Your AC

It’s a myth that keeping […]

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