February 2015 - Udell Family Insurance

The 53rd Annual Ventura Gem Show

9:59 pm

Do Not Miss Your Chance To See Serious Sparkle At This Local Event

Have the winter blues got you feeling ho-hum? Are the kids constantly complaining of boredom? After the hectic season of the holidays, are you fresh out of ideas for fun events for the whole family? Fear not, because the Ventura Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. has a solution for you.

On March 7th and March 8th, this society is hosting the 53rd Annual Gem, Mineral, Lapidary & Fossil Show. The event will be held at the Seaside Park at the Ventura County Fairgrounds and admission is […]

How To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle

10:05 pm

Use These Tips To Protect Yourself When Atop Your Bike

You feel your freest when you are riding your motorcycle down the open road, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery. When inclement weather strikes or the sun sets, however, do you know how to preserve your feeling of freedom with solid safety practices? Do not be bound by fear; use these tips to be your safest on your motorcycle.

In Bad Weather: The same safety rules cars use applies to you here: slow down, increase your following distance, and brake and accelerate gently. If there […]

Caring For Your Tires

10:15 pm

How To Keep Your Tires Properly Maintained

Your tires are your point of contact with the road. If they have even a small problem, you have a major problem. You do not want to be left without traction, careening into the median or—worse yet—another car. Use these tips to keep your tires in tip-top shape.

Rotate And Realign: Get your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. After all those miles on the road, parts of your tires get more worn than others. Rotating your tires and making sure they are […]

Why You Need Loss Assessment Coverage

10:18 pm

How This Type Of Coverage Can Protect Condo Owners

The beauty of owning a condo is that while you have to maintain the interior of your abode, your HOA takes care of all common areas and exteriors. When disaster strikes and affects these areas, then, the HOA’s insurance will be responsible, right? That is true, to the extent of their policy limits. If, however, an incident happens that requires coverage beyond the limits of the HOA’s insurance, you and your neighbors will be asked to get involved.

What if a crazy hailstorm strips the siding and […]

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