January 2015 - Udell Family Insurance

Insuring Multiple Cars

10:20 pm

What You Need To Know When Adding A New Car To Your Policy

It is exciting to get a new car for your family to drive, and fortunately your new ride will not require a new insurance policy. You are able to add multiple vehicles to an existing policy. When you do, here are a few factors you should consider.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage: When you add your new vehicle, consider securing comprehensive and/or collision coverage. This type of protection ensures that water damage, theft, major collisions and minor fender benders do not become a major […]

Do Not Let Lightning Surprise You!

10:21 pm

Lightning Safety Tips

Lightning can cause a lot of damage, some of which might be covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. With the popularity of electronics, it is more important than ever to take the proper precautions and get the necessary coverage to protect against costly damage from lightning. Here are some safety tips and some ways to prevent lightning from causing you any unnecessary grief.


Install a lightning protection system that supplies structural protection through a specified path for lightning to travel. These systems redirect the destructive power of a lightning strike […]

How To File A Car Insurance Claim

10:32 pm

Steps To File An Auto Claim

When you are in an accident, you want to get your car taken care of as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to file a claim as soon as possible. The claims process can be tricky no matter how many times you have done it, so here are some steps to filing a claim so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

1. Regardless of who is at fault, you should call your insurance provider to find out whether you are covered for the […]

Get The Right Insurance For Your Condo Or Co-Op

10:31 pm

Protect Your Condo With Condo Insurance

When you purchase a condo and get a loan, the bank often requires you to get insurance to protect their investment in your home. To cover your personal items, liability, or other fees, however, you may need more insurance than the basic requirements. Here is some information about how to best insure your condo.

You will likely need two separate policies to insure your investment in your condo:

Personal Condo Insurance: This coverage will protect your personal belongings, structural improvements to the space, and living expenses if you fall victim […]

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